Friend Request  (2016)

Storyline Friend Request  (2016)

Schoolmate, classmate or colleague from work, which you almost never talked adds you as a friend, and begins to literally attack you messages, for some reason decided that you and he are the best friends. Familiar situation? Laura — the main character of the chilling thriller "Inquiry in Friends" gets into a similar situation. The decision to remove from friend-sheet obsessive and weird classmate lead to consequences which could not predict even the biggest fans of horror.

Friend Request  (2016)Watch Full Movie Online Friend Request  (2016)
Director: Simon Verhoeven
Writers: Matthew Ballen, Philip Koch, Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion, Seven Pictures, Two Oceans Production (TOP)
Stars: Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo
Year: 2016
IMDb Ratings: 5.4/10
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Country: Germany
Language: English
Run Time:  1h 32min
Release Date:  2016-01-07

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