The Daughter  (2015)

Storyline The Daughter  (2015)

lderly Henry Nilson is going to marry the young housekeeper Anna. He calls the son Christian from America to spoke at the wedding ceremony of his best man. Christian comes back home, to the dying town of woodcutters, after fifteen-year absence. He re-acquainted with the city and its inhabitants. In the process of independent investigations he discovers an old family secret that could radically change not only the life of his family, but for all citizens.

The Daughter  (2015)Watch Full Movie Online The Daughter  (2015)
Director: Simon Stone
Writers: Simon Stone, Henrik Ibsen, Screen NSW, Wildflower Films
Stars: Geoffrey Rush, Nicholas Hope, Sam Neill
Year: 2015
IMDb Ratings: 6.8/10
Genres: Drama
Country: Australia
Language: English
Run Time:  1h 36min
Release Date:  2016-03-17

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