All the Way  (2016)

Storyline All the Way  (2016)

Lyndon Johnson becomes US president in the wake of the general chaos caused by the sudden murder of John Kennedy. In his first year as head of state Lyndon Johnson promotes the adoption of the Act on Civil Rights, which put an end to racial segregation in the south of the country - at least on paper.

All the Way  (2016)Watch Full Movie Online All the Way  (2016)
Director: Jay Roach
Writers: Robert Schenkkan, Robert Schenkkan, HBO Films, Amblin Entertainment, Tale Told Productions
Stars: Bryan Cranston, Anthony Mackie, Melissa Leo
Year: 2016
IMDb Ratings: 7.4/10
Genres: Biography, Drama, History
Country: USA
Language: English
Run Time:  2h 12min
Release Date:  2016-05-21

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