A Bigger Splash  (2015)

Storyline A Bigger Splash  (2015)

Rock star Marianne Lane and her boyfriend are enjoying themselves in the south of Italy. Their idyll is broken as soon as Garry, an ex-boyfriend of Marianne, appears on the island. Frivolous game, an innocent flirt and true passion with enthralling jealousy turns out to be a deadly danger for the main heroes.

A Bigger Splash  (2015)Watch Full Movie Online A Bigger Splash  (2015)
Director: Luca Guadagnino
Writers: David Kajganich, Alain Page, Frenesy Film Company, Cota Film, StudioCanal
Stars: Tilda Swinton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Ralph Fiennes
Year: 2015
IMDb Ratings: 6.4/10
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Country: Italy, France
Language: English, Italian
Run Time:  2h 5min
Release Date:  2015-11-26

Box Office A Bigger Splash  (2015)

Opening Weekend: $114,419 (USA) (6 May 2016)
Gross: $1,982,505 (USA) (24 June 2016)

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