Brothers of the Wind  (2015)

Storyline Brothers of the Wind  (2015)

Alpes, 60 years of the last century. Twelve-year-old Lucas lives with his father in a small hamlet. One day, a boy finds an eagle chick that had fallen out of the nest, and secretly bring him to the home. However, over time Loukas's relations with a wild bird turn into unusual friendship and lead to fascinating adventures. Mysterious Danzer gives to Loukas big support. He as nobody knows habits of wild animals and opens for the boy their unusual world…

Brothers of the Wind  (2015)Watch Full Movie Online Brothers of the Wind  (2015)
Director: Gerardo Olivares, Otmar Penker
Writers: Otmar Penker, Joanne Reay, Terra Mater Factual Studios
Stars: Jean Reno, Manuel Camacho, Tobias Moretti
Year: 2015
IMDb Ratings: 6.9/10
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family
Country: Austria
Language: English
Run Time:  1h 38min
Release Date:  2016-01-29

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